Dr. Ernest Ward
"I love, love NUTRISCA, and my dogs do too!”

Founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP)
And author of Chow Hounds, a book educating readers so they can raise healthy, happier pets.

- Dr. Ernest Ward


Dogswell Nutrisca Dog Food gets the Advisor’s highest rating of five stars.

Enthusiastically recommended.

For full article:http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/dogswell-nutrisca-dog-food/

"Most dog foods with grains tend to aggravate my allergies. Well, my Mommy discovered NUTRSICA Grain AND Potato free dry dog food from Dogswell, and it's the BEST! It's sooo flavorful and tasty! The Small bites make it perfect for me to eat too! I'm feeling better already, Thank You Dogswell!!!"

- Maggie T

"I'm a big girl but that doesn't mean I'm not a picky eater! Sometimes I don't like for my food to be changed but I'm so happy my parents discovered NUTRISCA! I loved the taste of both the Chicken and Chickpea recipe and the Lamb and Chickepea recipe. (My mom loves that they're grain free...she said something about the size of my waist but I'm pretending I didn't hear that part.) I give NUTRISCA a big paws up!

-- Tiki, Official taste tester at www.dogtipper.com

 "Once I tried Nutrisca, I refused to eat anything else, so Mom had to contact Dogswell and get more! Pack, rise up and tell your family that you deserve the best-tasting food around! Check out my mom’s full review of NUTRISCA at petsweekly.com".

~ Cheiss, Pack Leader

I love my new Lamb and Chickpea meals and mom feels good that she's feeding me Nutrisca, because she's sure it's good for me.

Philo, 2 year old very active miniature poodle
                                                                        -Linda & Philo

"I have to watch what I eat as a senior dog and the muse for Fur by J Mikel Products!  I dig the NUTRISCA chickpea and lamb formula for low-cal wow and recommend all allergic pups check it out too!”
Zachary   Check out my mom's  full review and learn more about her products at 
My name is Coco and my mommy loves to spoil me. We've been on the hunt for a brand of food that I'll like for more than a few days. My mommy wants to make sure I get the best and she only buys natural or holistic food. She started me with Natural Balance Organic, then Wellness, Holistic Select, Evo, and Solid Gold. I got sick of them after a few days, mommy always had to doctor up my food with treats and wet food for me to eat it. But 3 weeks ago, she gave me something yummy called Nutrisca and I'm so happy everytime she reaches for the bag. I eat it all by itself and my mommy is so much less stressed out during my meal times now. 
P.S. My favorite treats are the Happy Hips chicken jerky. My tail just goes crazy everytime I see the bag and I just can't help myself! Thank you, Dogswell!"
- Coco
Buddy & Boo
I have two pomeranians, Buddy and Boo, who are quite picky and have always had extremely sensitive stomachs.  I am usually hesitant to try out new foods with them, but decided to give NUTRISCA a try after reading all of the amazing reviews.  All of the reviews proved to be correct, and both of them adjusted extremely quickly to the new food and LOVE it!

- Boo & Buddy

Bob LOVED it! He transitioned well from his current food to the Lamb & Chickpea recipe. He really enjoyed it, even preferring it over his regular food when offered as a treat.

- Bob

I just wanted to write and say I fed NUTRISCA to my dog, she LOVED it, she gobbled it up as soon as it was in the dish!  She usually is semi-picky and we sometimes have to coax her to eat but there was no problem this time!


Clancy/ Bailey

Clancy (a Chow/Golden mix) and Bailey (a Lab mix) both rescued dogs about 4 yrs old, tried Nutrisca and LOVED it, although I think you could feed Bailey cardboard and he'd eat it, Clancy is more fussy. I love the NO grain and overall ingredients and they already love the Dogswell treats!!

-Clancy and Bailey

 I have given all of my dogs some of it and they loved it! I also love it because it is a grain free option that doesn't have potatoes in it. I also love it because I have a dog that is allergic to eggs, and this is a grain free food that he can actually eat, there aren't many grain free foods without eggs in them. I am very pleased with the food and I'm pretty sure I can say my dogs were too!

-Shadow, Cooper, Chase

Finley, Ami, Dallas, and Dillion
I have been very excited to try this food since I first read about it. NUTRISCA passed the taste test, all of mine didn't even hesitate to eat it.

-Finley, Ami, Dallas, and Dillion

Our little guy, Jet, really enjoyed the food.
We'll certainly look for it when shopping.

 My 2 very finicky papillons loved it! First kibble ever that I didn't have to add canned food to get them to eat it. I love the ingredients.

-Tina & Amie

I gave my dog a piece and he took it and ran over and placed it on the rug and he took another piece and did it again.  Five minutes later he ate them.  I gave it to him in the morning and he ate it piece by piece throughout the morning.  One day he did not eat it and my niece brought her mixed chihuahua over and she ran and ate the whole dish.


I gave my chihuahua the NUTRISCA dry food all last week.
She loved it!! She did not hesitate to gobble it up!!


I recently fed NUTRISCA™ to my dog Lexi who is a 4 year old puggle and she absolutely loved it. She is usually very picky when it comes to food and she often will go days without eating because she gets tired of the same old dog food. But she ate this up every time and one of the best things is that it is grain free which I love. 

- Lexi 

I have 4 dogs on NUTRISCA, I have been feeding only grain free for years now, back then not a whole lot of choices.  3 of my 4 dogs are rescues and 2 of them were a hot mess, from eye, ear infections to severe allergies to being over weight.  In November I got a puppy who started on NUTRISCA right away, I know he'll be at optimal health. My chubby dog has lost 7 lbs and Miss Allergies is doing really well.  I now have 4 of my other doggie friends on NUTRISCA with great results!  Thanks for making "the perfect food"!!
- Primrose, Buttercup, Tulip and Thumper

We picked up a bag of NUTRISCA just to try it. Our dogs LOVED it so much.


Rosey and Simon

My dogs tried NUTRISCA Lamb and Chickpea and they loved it! Gobbled it up like it was a tasty treat. I love that it has a low glycemic index and is low in carbs. My dogs, and I, really like it!

- Rosey and Simon

Boadicea, Chad, Dandie
My husband saw the NUTRISCA brand at a local pet store and decided to give it a chance. Let me tell you, my dogs have never been healthier and happier with their food! I tell everyone I know how great the food is!
-Boadicea, Chad, and Dandie
Maya and Sasha
I just want to thank you for producing NUTRISCA Chicken and Chickpea recipe! My dogs LOVE it! They go to the bag every chance they get in the hopes of snagging a couple of extra bites! Thank you for a GREAT product!

- Maya and Sasha